Original Vintage Map Cufflinks


Our personalised cufflinks are made using original Vintage Maps and Atlases dating from 1900 – 1950’s. Each pair is carefully handmade using genuine vintage maps; these maps are real maps and not print outs or photocopies so truly are a special gift !

These cufflinks make an original gift and people have chosen locations from birth places, to universities, to where they met, to wedding venues & honeymoons or simply where they live. The choice is yours!

Our cufflinks bases are unique and have been specially designed and manufactured for us using a high quality stainless steel with a glass window and a swivel fitting.

We have designed our unique presentation boxes to reflect the style of a bygone era of luxury travel and compliment the vintage maps. The boxes feature stitching and our embossed logo.

You can choose a different location for each cufflink or the same location for both.



We have an extensive collection of vintage maps and can often make the cufflinks for other parts of the world but please check with use before ordering as our non UK maps tend to be less detailed. The maps are hand-cut to shape and the maps are all of differing ages and scales. Due to the nature and age of the vintage material used, sometimes a tiny crease or mark might be present on the map – this is all part of the charm.

Each cufflink is approx. 2cm in diameter and the map window diameter is approx. 1.6cm. The size of the presentation box is approx. 9cm x 9cm x 5cm.